The magazine Swissmade has published an article about us in their latest edition. We would like to thank their journalist Timm Delfs for putting our work in the spotlight.

And since the article is in German, here is the summary:


The company from Bienne, Générale Ressorts, are the largest and oldest Swiss manufacturer of springs for luxury mechanical watches.

At the beginning of the 15th century, a steel spring replaced by the weights used in the watch-making mechanism which revolutionised the watch-making industry.

The spring is assembled in a drum shaped, hollow toothed wheel and still constitutes today the energy storage of each mechanical watch. However, the size, the precision and above all the composition of the steel from which the springs are manufactured have changed.


During the golden age of the production of mechanical watches in Switzerland, at the end of the 1960s, there were 16 manufacturers of springs in Switzerland. Today only three still remain; Générale Ressorts in Bienne is the most important of them and they supply almost all of the luxury watch-making industry.


The company, with their 50 years of history, joined the independent group of Acrotec and their sixteen specialist suppliers in 2009.

“We are here to create the ideas of our customers”, explains Jean-Michel Uhl, CEO of Générale Ressorts. ” We produce about 100 different articles simultaneously”, states Mr Uhl. ” Our catalogue of the springs and barrels that we manufacture includes approximately 3000 variants that can be delivered at any time”.


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