Générale Ressorts

Who we are

Générale Ressorts is the result of more than 150 years of expertise in the barrel springs manufacturing. Product quality, customer satisfaction and steady improvement are the pillars of the company, which continues to evolve. Membership of the Acrotec Group allows Générale Ressorts to offer its customers tailor-made, ready to use energy modules at competitive conditions. We do not only offer a spring, but a function !

Our ISO 9001 certification

This certification is a recognition of the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

By obtaining the ISO 9001 certification, Générale Ressorts gives itself the means to continue to improve its products, while reinforcing its position on the market. The company can thus better respond to the demands and expectations of its customers, by offering them superior quality products, while respecting the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.





10 000

Active references


New references / year

Our ESG approach

We are proud to present our commitment to the ESG approach, which is a major priority for us in terms of sustainable development and social responsibility.

ESG, which stands for Environment, Social and Governance, represents a global approach to responsible investment, which takes into consideration the impacts of our activities on our environment, on local communities and on society as a whole.

As a committed company, we have set ourselves ambitious targets for reducing our carbon footprint, promoting equal opportunity and diversity, and strengthening our internal governance.

We are also proud to collaborate with partners who share our values, and who help us implement innovative and sustainable solutions to the environmental and social challenges of our time.

We are convinced that our commitment to ESG is a guarantee of quality and responsibility for our customers, partners and all our stakeholders. We are committed to continuous improvement, and look forward to accompanying you in your own sustainable development process.