Precision to a micrometric scale



Générale Ressorts is equipped with a rolling mill from the latest technology that ensures automatically monitored production with a tolerance inferior to one micron. This exact precision allows us to meet all the requirements of the Haute Horlogerie industry.

Dimensions available : Width : 0.50 – 3.50 mm

Thickness : 0.050 – 0.300 mm

For all other dimensions please contact our technical consultant.


The springs are shaped by the expert hands of our workers in our horology workshop. The heat treatments provide maximum benefits from the characteristics of the materials used. The objective is to guarantee impeccable quality and reproducibility for each delivery.

springs - Shaping
Quality control

Quality control

Quality controls are continually carried out throughout the entire production chain, from the arrival of the components to the final end product. The requirements of each customer are integrated into our ERP system and the traceability  of results is guaranteed by software such as QuickControl Pro.

Automatic assembly

In collaboration with K2A, (a Spin-off company of KIF Parechoc SA) Générale Ressorts has conceived and developed digital and automated machines for the assembly of mainsprings. The goal is to guarantee a high level of quality at a competitive production cost.

Automatic assembly
Manual assembly

Manual assembly

The manual assembly of the mainspring is performed internally, we develop and perform the specific assembly process for each spring in our mechanical workshop. The qualified staff guarantees the axial play of the barrel and the aesthetic quality during the entire production of the assembled springs.

We also provide the assembly of an additional component on the barrel such as a ratchet, a mobile or a board.

100% play measurement and correction

Our list of know-how is extended by the new play measurement and correction machine.

The latter allows us to carry out the precise measurement of the axis during the assembly of the assembled barrels. Here are the advantages of working with this machine:

  • Measurement and correction of the axial play of the cylinder
  • Fast, precise and repeatable use
  • Innovative measurement method
  • Simple and ergonomic user interface
  • Statistical and detailed control reports delivered with each controlled batch
generale ressorts barillet assemble

100% barrel’s torque measurement

The BARImètre automaton allows torque control of 100% of the assembled barrels. Here are the advantages of working with this machin :

  • To guarantee the delivery of 100% compliant parts
  • Reduce, or even eliminate, entry controls for watch manufacturers
  • Suitable for all kinds of assembled barrels thanks to the easily interchangeable tools
  • No risk of injuring the parts because all manipulations are done with vacuum
  • In addition to the measurements, the running-in of the barrels is available, to have them ready for use upon receipt
  • The machine operates fully automatically and can therefore work 24 hours a day