Our CSR commitments – Corporate, Social and Responibility

At Générale Ressorts, we are guided by a deep respect for the environment, our community and the principles of responsible corporate governance. Our commitment to CSR (Corporate, Social, Responsibility) stems from our belief that our success as a company cannot be dissociated from our responsibility to the planet and society.

We are humbly committed to minimizing our environmental impact. From reducing our carbon footprint to responsibly managing natural resources, we are working to preserve our precious environment for future generations.

Our social commitment manifests itself in respecting the rights of our employees, promoting diversity and inclusion, and creating a safe and fulfilling working environment.

We adopt transparent and ethical corporate governance practices. Our management is marked by integrity, responsibility and concern for the well-being of all our stakeholders.

Recognition for management excellence, certified “Best Managed Company” by Deloitte

The Swiss “Best Managed Company” (BMC) recognition is a remarkable milestone for us, and testifies to our excellence in business management.

Winner of the “Switzerland Best Managed Company” program in 2022, and re-elected in 2023, the Acrotec Group is recognized for its managerial skills and implementation within private companies in over 20 countries worldwide.

Our strong governance ensures transparency and integrity in our operations, while our development strategy guides our growth towards a sustainable future. Our ability to attract and retain exceptional talent reinforces our dynamism and creativity, fuelling our culture of innovation. Finally, responsible financial management ensures our long-term stability and sustainability. This demonstrates the Group’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of leadership and management.

This achievement testifies to our commitment to operational excellence, transparency and accountability, and reinforces our position as a trusted company for our partners, customers and investors.

At Générale Ressorts, we continue to strive to improve our management practices and promote innovation, while remaining true to our principles of sustainability and social responsibility.

We thank Deloitte for this recognition and are committed to maintaining our Best Managed status.

GPTW commends Acrotec Group for excellence in employee satisfaction and engagement

We recently distinguished ourselves for our outstanding commitment to innovation, developing people’s potential, trust and value by achieving notable recognition from Great Place To Work (GPTW).

This distinction is the result of an extensive internal survey conducted within Acrotec Group companies, aimed at assessing the level of commitment, satisfaction and recognition of its employees.

Générale Ressorts puts the well-being of its employees first, and this anonymous satisfaction survey, conducted between May and June 2023 in collaboration with GPTW, is tangible proof of this. This award testifies to the Group’s strong commitment to CSR and reinforces its reputation as an employer of choice.

Beyond the numbers, this recognition highlights Générale Ressorts’ core values, which place employee fulfillment at the heart of its mission.

Towards sustainable performance listed in the Swiss Triple Impact (STI) directory

Générale Ressorts has taken a crucial step towards sustainability by joining the Swiss Triple Impact (STI) program launched by B Lab Suisse. This innovative program uses the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to help Swiss companies measure and improve their social and environmental impact.

By joining the STI, we were able to identify the most relevant SDGs for our company and develop a concrete action plan to achieve them. Our commitment to sustainability was subjected to a rigorous eligibility review by B Lab Suisse, guaranteeing the impact and relevance of our initiatives.

This process has enabled us to join the STI Directory, demonstrating our commitment to a more sustainable future, where companies play an active role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals for the good of the planet and society.

Discover our STI commitments

Treedom for a greener, more sustainable future

Générale Ressorts demonstrates its ethical and social commitment by participating in the planting of a minimum of 500 trees per year via the Treedom web platform. This initiative reflects our dedication to environmental ethics. Tree planting is a significant CSR action, contributing to the fight against climate change, the preservation of biodiversity and soil protection.

In partnership with Treedom, we monitor the transparency and traceability of this action, thereby reinforcing the confidence of our stakeholders. Planting takes place in a specific location, supporting the local environment and creating employment opportunities.

Beyond the environmental benefits, this action also has a positive social impact by supporting local communities. At Générale Ressorts, our commitment to a sustainable future goes beyond this initiative, with objectives aimed at strengthening our environmental and social footprint.

We are proud to actively contribute to the preservation of our planet and the creation of a greener, more ethical future.

At Générale Ressorts, these CSR pillars guide our decisions, our corporate culture and our interaction with our stakeholders. We recognize our role in building a better future, both for our company and for society as a whole. Our CSR approach is an invitation to shape a more sustainable world, where companies humbly assume their responsibility to the planet and to society. We’re proud of our journey so far, and we’re committed to continuing our CSR efforts for a better future.