Générale Ressorts is proud to participate in the planting of trees. It gives the opportunity to its customers to contribute to the environmental issue and it registers to date the reforestation of 450 trees that it offered at the end of last year to its customers.

Treedom is the first website that allows anyone to plant a tree remotely and follow the story of the project in which it is planted. For full transparency, every tree is geolocated and photographed, with regular updates about the project posted in an online Tree Diary.

Since its foundation in Florence, Italy in 2010, Treedom has planted more than 2 million trees with the support of over 100,000 farmers across 17 countries, including Kenya, Colombia,
Guatemala, and Cameroon. The trees bring environmental benefits (offsetting CO2 emissions, supporting biodiversity, combating soil erosion and deforestation), as well as
social benefits (training, food security, empowerment and income).

Thanks to this innovative social business model, Treedom received Certified B Corporation accreditation, welcomed into the network of companies that stand out for their high environmental and social performance.

Each tree has an online page, is geolocated and photographed, and can be given as a gift via message or email. These characteristics ensure that Treedom trees create a lasting bond between people, allowing companies to take action to protect the environment and the communities that inhabit it.

Générale Ressorts has decided to commit to Treedom for the next 3 years.

Treedom, un arbre planté en guise de cadeau de Noël

You can read the press release, here.