Générales Ressorts will be presenting at the study day “La transmission dans tous ses états”, organized by the Société Suisse de Chronométrie (SSC). The event will take place on September 28, 2023 at the prestigious SwissTech Convention Center at EPFL, Lausanne, and promises an in-depth exploration of the past, present and future of the watchmaking industry.

Générale Ressorts, represented by Alberto Sicco, Operations Manager and Charles Fontaimpe, Technical & Methods Manager, will focus on “Know-how and innovation in the barrel: optimization is in the details”.

An immersion in watchmaking heritage

The SSC Study Day is a unique window into the world of watch transmissions, whether mechanical or cultural. Alberto Sicco and Charles Fontaimpe, the company’s representatives, will embody this fascinating quest for preservation and innovation in the watchmaking industry.

The barrel: the focal point of watchmaking performance

While the theoretical foundations of the barrel spring are well established, Générale Ressorts has pushed back the frontiers of knowledge thanks to its vast experience with thousands of references. The company has developed a customized algorithm capable of assessing the feasibility of a request in just a few minutes. This fast, innovative approach paves the way for optimum technical performance.

The subtleties of optimization

Optimizing the performance of a barrel, an essential component of a mechanical watch, requires exceptional attention to detail. Générale Ressorts’ presentation will highlight the importance of taking every detail into account, from spring geometry to turned components, from materials used to quality control methods. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect contributes harmoniously to watchmaking excellence.

Passing on knowledge to cultivate innovation

Générale Ressorts is committed to sharing its knowledge and expertise with the public. Crucial points in barrel design and strategies for improving the performance of existing products will be discussed. This approach reveals Générale Ressorts’ determination to shape the future of watchmaking while respecting its history.