Innovation and expansion are at the heart of the DNA of Générale Ressorts, recognized in the industry for its high-quality springs and components. The company recently expanded its assembly shop. This strategic decision has brought a host of advantages in terms of logistics, quality and purchasing efficiency.

Meeting growing demand

Faced with growing customer demand, Générale Ressorts decided to invest in its barrel assembly workshop. This expansion has considerably increased the company’s production capacity, guaranteeing a rapid and efficient response to customer needs.

Significant benefits for customers

Générale Ressorts customers who opt for complete barrels benefit from several undeniable advantages. Firstly, the complete function saves time and money by streamlining the purchasing process. Instead of sourcing several components and assembling them themselves, customers receive complete barrels, ready for use in their applications.

In terms of logistics, this approach simplifies the supply chain and reduces production lead times. As a result, customers gain in efficiency and optimize their operations.

Investing in the future

Not only has the company doubled its assembly capacity thanks to the recent expansion, it is also preparing for the future. In 2024, it will welcome a fully automatic assembly machine, built by another Acrotec Group company, PetitPierre SA. This innovation will guarantee even higher quality and efficiency in the production of complete barrels.

A warmer welcome

Générale Ressorts has not only modernized its production facilities, it has also redesigned its premises to offer a warmer welcome to its customers. The reception area and meeting room have been completely renovated, providing a friendly, professional space where customers can discuss their needs and projects.

The company continues to push the boundaries of innovation and efficiency to better serve its customers. The expansion of the assembly shop and the integration of automated solutions testify to its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. This positive development only strengthens their position as a leader in the high-quality springs and components industry.