BIOFLEX® is a revolutionary nitrided austenitic steel that has conquered the watchmaking industry for its exceptional performance.

Increased Chronometric Stability

BIOFLEX® has been the focus of several years of research and has been patented by Générale Ressorts for its use as a barrel spring. This application reduces the loss of amplitude between 0 h and 24 h, guaranteeing exceptional chronometric stability. The reduced Young’s modulus compared to NIVAFLEX® contributes to this improvement.

Deformation resistance and greater number of turns

Thanks to its higher yield strength than NIVAFLEX®, BIOFLEX® prevents deformation of the spring coils close to the barrel shaft, which translates into a significant gain in number of revolutions. Watchmakers benefit from a greater power reserve for their movements.

Improved mechanical properties – Exceptional durability

BIOFLEX® offers exceptional durability thanks to its mechanical properties enhanced by precipitation hardening. Its excellent corrosion resistance, non-magnetic behavior and extreme ductility combined with high strength make it the alloy of choice for watchmakers concerned with quality and performance.

Complies with International Standards – Environmentally-friendly choice

One of the major advantages of BIOFLEX® is its compliance with the most stringent international standards. Cobalt-, nickel- and beryllium-free, this alloy perfectly meets the requirements of standards such as REACH. BIOFLEX® is also environmentally friendly. Its 77% lower carbon footprint than NIVAFLEX® makes it the preferred choice for new watch developments.

Other essential benefits

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, several foundries around the world are capable of producing this alloy, thus eliminating the risk of mono-sourcing.

Last but not least, BIOFLEX® offers the same price for prototyping and mass production, making it a cost-effective option.

BIOFLEX® is much more than just an alloy. It embodies excellence, performance and durability, while complying with the most stringent environmental standards.

At Générale Ressorts, we are proud to offer you this exceptional alloy that pushes the boundaries of modern watchmaking.

To consult the BIOFLEX® data sheet.