Générale Ressorts and Politrempe, two companies of the Acrotec group, have worked together to develop an innovative polishing® technique for the sides of barrel springs. This patent-pending method offers an aesthetically remarkable mirror-like appearance to barrel springs, while slightly improving their technical characteristics.

Barrel are a critical component of many mechanical watches, as they provide a constant source of energy for the movement of the watch. Their functional performance is therefore essential, but their aesthetic appearance can also be important to customers, especially in the case of openworked barrels.

This new polishing® technique can be used to give skeletonized barrels a more decorative appearance, while maintaining their functional performance. This can be particularly useful for luxury watches, where aesthetics are often as important as functionality.

In developing this innovation, Générale Ressorts and Politrempe have demonstrated their commitment to improving the quality of their products and services. This collaboration between two companies of the Acrotec Group also demonstrates their commitment to excellence and innovation in their respective fields of expertise.

If you are interested in this polishing® technique for barrel springs, do not hesitate to contact Générale Ressorts to explore all the possibilities offered by this exciting innovation.