With ten years of experience in manufacturing complete barrels, Générale Ressorts offers various levels of quality, finishes, geometries and types of assembly for your barrel.

Whatever your requirement – whether it’s a barrel at an attractive price, or exceptional quality, with the Geneva Hallmark as the minimum standard – Générale Ressorts will adapt its production range to suit your needs.

Thanks to the help of its trusted partners, who are experts in finishing, Générale Ressorts can offer the following:

  • Snailing
  • Skeletonisation
  • Laser engraving
  • Strapping
  • Sunray brushing
  • Bevelling/Chamfering

Barrel sizes can range from 5 mm to 30 mm and combine attention to detail and quality.

Générale Ressorts is also experienced in assembling ratchets, plates, and other special components, so its customers benefit from a complete barrel – and more!

Analysis of drawings, constant exchange with technical offices and continuous improvement are the key to Générale Ressorts’ progress in producing complete barrels over the last ten years. With a view to ongoing improvement, it will continue to innovate in the years to come.

Barillet Générale Ressorts

Laser engraving on the barrel

Assemblage du mobile, Générale Ressorts

Assembly of the mobile

Barillet Générale Ressorts Gravage laser


Barillet Générale Ressorts Gravage laser

Sunray brushing with gilding

Barillet Générale Ressorts Gravage laser

Skeletonization with strapping

Barillet Générale Ressorts Gravage laser

Precision turning